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Mecca Date FarmMecca Date FarmMecca Date Farm

Fresh dates from our family farm in the desert oasis of Mecca, California

Welcome to Mecca Date Farm

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About Us

We are Mecca Date Farm, producer and supplier of quality dates grown in the vast desert farms of Mecca California. Our region abounds with nature blessed by the sustenance of the earth and warmth of the sun.

The sweet, vitamin-rich dates grown in our small farm, are harvested for a short time each season. 
The rich soils combined with the hot climate of the desert produce sweet, high protein dates rich in fiber. Our dates have long been enjoyed by people in the neighboring areas of the Coachella Valley.

Mecca Date Farm is a firm believer of the importance of food safety, and our all-natural dates are grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives.
When you buy our dates you are getting a healthy, natural treat that is high in potassium, without any fat and sodium.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the price include shipping?

Yes, the price does include USPS Priority Shipping. Note for International Shipping, please contact me for additional shipping cost.

We guarantee the fruit to be in good condition if the package is received by you ON THE FIRST DELIVERY ATTEMPT at your home or apartment.  If you cannot be home yourself, please make arrangements for the package to be received and refrigerated as soon as possible.

Does the color vary or should it always be the same? 

The color of the Medjool is generally a dark rich color, but it does vary from amber to dark depending on the soil conditions of the fields.

Should Medjool Dates be stored in the refrigerator? 

We do recommend storing the Medjool Dates in the refrigerator if you will be keeping them for a period of time. It helps to hold the moisture and this holds the flavor.
What is the shelf life of the Medjool Dates? 

As a rule we estimate 45 days at room temperature; 6 months refrigerated; and 1 year frozen. The Medjool Dates will not necessarily go bad at room temperature, but they will tend to dry out.

What is the harvest season for Medjool Dates? 

We harvest from approximately August through October and continue packing throughout most of the year. We strive to supply our Medjool Dates year round.

Are the Medjool Dates bad if they have a white crystal on the skin? 

With Medjool Dates, when they start to dry out the sugar will move to the surface of the date and appear as a crystal powdery substance. A damp paper towel will remove the sugar and re-moisten the date. Also, heating the Medjool Dates will remove or absorb the sugar.

Farm Practice

We don’t use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers on the farm. Our compost consist of palm trimmings, leaves, branches and sticks mixed with water.

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